Cloud consultancy

Our senior cloud consultant, Johannes Verwijnen, is available for new advisory cases. Johannes concentrates on cloud adoption, cloud strategy, DevOps onboarding and machine learning. Please contact for scheduling details. Currently we see an average of 2 days per week available through 2020. Please note that our starting rate is €1800/day excluding cost and taxes, which will be negotiatable for longer-term commitments.

We’re also starting a service for very short projects (ie. information requests or troubleshooting). These are available from €200/hour (max 4 hours). Please send your request and budget to for payment information. This work will be completed on a best effort basis upon prepayment.

Junior cloud consultants are also available and their work is always supported by more senior staff. Please contact for more information on today’s availability and pricing.

Diversity consulting

Our diversity consultant, Fatima Verwijnen, is available for short projects. Please contact for details.